Apr 26, 2012 - Heroic Deathbringer Saurfang

Heroic Deathbringer Saurfang

We beat the fuck out of heroic Deathbringer Saurfang.

Apr 26, 2012 - The Lich King

The Lich King

We have finally defeated the Lich King. Fuck you all.

Apr 26, 2012 - Raids

As wel all know, heroics are way too easy and thus we are all extremely bored of them. As such, I want to start getting some raids going but we only have four people so that's a little rough. Anyway if you somehow are reading this and would like to raid with us, do a /who Run to the Center and let someone know or post on the forums about it.

Apr 26, 2012 - Ahn'kahet and The Oculus

Determined to finally beat all of the five man content in the game, we ventured firstly into Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom. This is one of my favorite dungeons in WotLK. Being, once again, our first time through the place we didn't try for too many achievements. We got The Party's Over by the mere fact that there are only ever four of us, and we decided we could do Volunteer Work if we used our tanking and healing cooldowns wisely. We ran out of cooldowns before Jedoga Shadowseeker died but it turns out her enrage is not very scary after all and Forsyte could easily eat all the damage. We definitely didn't have the dps for Volazj's Quick Demise and I'm fairly certain Respect Your Elders will require a second tank, but who knows.

After beating up nerubians, we travelled to our final and most daunting task, The Oculus. This dungeon is not particularly hard but the fact that we'd have one fewer drake for Eregos was a little scary. It turned out to be fairly easy even with a missing drake. We rolled with a Ruby, an Amber, and two Emerald Drakes and finally we were awarded with Northrend Dungeon Hero. All that remains now is to get the achievements or six friends to raid with us.

Apr 26, 2012 - Azjol Nerub

After another failed attempt at getting in to BWL (although we did get attuned so we don't have to do UBRS again), we hit up UK, TotC, and AN. We tried to do On the Rocks while we were in UK but it proved to be too difficult without anyone to heal when Mogrhys gets entombed. We are either going to wait until we have a fifth person or stack frost resist to resist the blocks.

Azjol-Nerub has some of the more difficult achievements. Since we had not yet done it on heroic, we decided not to try to do any of them, but we managed to get Hadronox Denied inadvertently. I think it was actually bugged, as there were no more adds spawning by the end.

Apr 26, 2012 - Blackwing Lair?

We planned on doing Blackwing Lair last night to get closer to finishing our vanilla progression, so we grabbed our Onyxia Scale Cloaks, flew to Thorium Point, and headed into the spire. On the way we found a random level 64 death knight that was begging for BWL runs (strange coincidence indeed) but since we hate everyone we declined his request for a run through. We are all idiots and didn't do the attunment quest when we did UBRS so we ran over to kill the quartermaster and got ready for another UBRS run. Letters in hand, we walked into the swirling blue light. Much to our chagrin, rather than the Blackhand Legion waiting for us axe in hand, we got a much more frightening enemy:

Additional instances cannot be 
launched, please try again later.

We tried for quite some time to get an instance but apparently Blizzard has set it up so that end game content gets priority over old content. After we spent an entire hour trying to get into BRS, we had one person try to get into heroic HoL (the daily). The server gave us an instance on the first fucking try. We are going to try for BWL again on Wednesday when hopefully fewer people are playing.

Sorely disappointed, we ventured through heroic HoL again and nothing even remotely interesting happened. Then we did heroic CoS because it was the regular daily (the only one we hadn't done for Timear Foresees) and we had not yet done it on heroic. We started out going for the timer, but between having only two dps and the most amazingly bad spawn locations, we weren't able to make the timer. On a good note, we only have three more heroics before we have Northrend Dungeon Hero.

After CoS we decided to do TotC again since it has ridiculously good loot and we got the rest of the bosses for the achievement there. We also picked up The Faceroller because it is both hilarious and easy.

Apr 26, 2012 - Trial of the Champion

Patch 3.2 brought us a brand new dungeon, Trial of the Champion. We decided that we would read nothing about this dungeon before stepping foot in it. Without knowing any of the boss fights, this dungeon was both challenging and extremely fun. We wiped many times, but in the end we got everything done. Being that it was our first time in the dungeon, we didn't go for (or even look at) any of the achievements.

After this we did Violet Hold and Utgarde Pinnacle for more emblems so we can get our welfare epics. No achievement bosses in Violet Hold again. In Utgarde, however, we got both The Incredible Hulk and King's Bane, but we managed to fuck up Lodi Dodi We Loves the Skadi pretty badly when both Altruist and Ississ died and had to zerg back in so we didn't spend thirty minutes trying to kill Skadi with only a tank and healer.

Apr 26, 2012 - Halls of Lightning and Violet Hold

I am tired of talking like a retard so this and all subsequent posts will be in regular English. Last night we stepped foot into Heroic Halls of Lightning (it was the daily). After the boatloads of trouble we've had with Halls of Stone, namely the Tribunal of the Ages event, we were a little leery that we'd be able to pull this one off.

When we got to General Bjarngrim, we decided to give Lightning Struck a try just to see how hard it would be. It's not hard. We beat him without any problems at all, and got our achievement.

We weren't really sure if Shatter Resistant was a dps race or a kiting type achievement or what, so we kited Volkhan around the room for a while before realizing we just needed to burn him and ignore the golems. We mostly ignore adds anyway, so that was another achievement in the bag.

Ionar has no achievements and is not interesting.

The scariest boss in HoL is, of course, Loken. Timely Death is just a speed kill, but the fact that you hve to move around is usually what makes it tough to do. We decided to not move around. After the first Lightning Nova, Mogrhys told us we were fine and we manage to just eat the novas until he died. In this single run we got all three achievements because we are awesome.

The night was still young and we have a handful of dungeons left before we get Northrend Dungeon Hero so we headed into The Violet Hold for some more fun times. Unfortunately, we didn't get either achievement boss but we did manage to get Defenseless.

Apr 26, 2012 - WotLK Heroics

we r dun wif levulling nao n sence we r onlee 4 frendz heroix r wut we do. we wul keep pohsted r prahgres 2 get teh PROTOH DRAYKZ!

Apr 26, 2012 - ZOMG Whar Hav We Ben?

ok gais so we frogotted abowt progreshun cus we wer 2 buzy pwnin evry boss in outland but tehn we ramambured we shuld psot it har n also we r doin hreoic beetups nao.

Apr 26, 2012 - Nexus-Prince Shaffar

tohse snaykes wer to boren so we finded some ethurials an tehy sayed thar prince wuz a jerk so we beeted him up for tehm

Apr 26, 2012 - The Black Stalker

teh drood frum befour sayed hiz frends still need ar halp so we beeted up moar snaykes peeple

Apr 26, 2012 - Quagmirran

we finded teh snayke peepul base and beeted a bunch of tehm up cuz teh drood outsyde need our halp

Apr 26, 2012 - Keli'dan the Breaker

we wuz looking for magtheridon 'cause we herd he is tuff but we just finded some orcs insted

Apr 26, 2012 - Omor the Unscarred

we finally fited evrybuddy in azeroth so we goed to outland and started beeting up gais thar

Apr 26, 2012 - Darkmaster Gandling

wut is this a scaree playce wif undead and spyders?! is ok tho we beeted them up and forsyte even gotted a new horsee

Apr 26, 2012 - Baron Rivendar

aftur we beeted up all teh scarlut doods we finded moar undeads and even this baron guy who wuz kinda scaree

Apr 26, 2012 - Balnazzar

oh noes moar scarlut gais to fite! lolwut, teh boss of teh scarluts wuz a dredlord

Apr 26, 2012 - Overlord Wyrmthalak

we finded a bunch of orks in teh mountons and beeted them all up and sum dagron sed we shuld come back agian layter

Apr 26, 2012 - King Gordok

zomg we fited lot of ogres and nao rttc is king of ogers!

Apr 26, 2012 - Immol'thar

we finded a big trapped demon in dire maul and freed him but taht maed teh elf prince mad so we beeted him up too

Apr 26, 2012 - Alzzin the Wildshaper

sumbuddy turned all teh plants to be meen and we liek plants so we had to beet him up

Apr 26, 2012 - Emperor Dagran Thaurissan

zomg king magni bronzebeard telled us this uther dwarf was a jerkface so we goed and beeted him rite up but we forgetted to taek a pickshur

Apr 26, 2012 - Shade of Eranikus

Shade of Eranikus

nao we goed to teh sunken tample and we fited very many dagrons and sliems and troolz but dun worree we beeted all of tehm up

Apr 26, 2012 - Princess Theradras

Princess Theradras

zomg we herd thar wuz a prinses in maraudon so we finded her n she wuz sooooo fat n uglee.

we steeled these things frum princess aftur she wuz ded:

Apr 26, 2012 - Chief Ukorz Sandscalp

Herod - Before

zomg so we goed 2 zul'farrak for teh second tiem. this time we dednt let bly herth out like a big jerkface even tho he wanted 2 (he told me). aftur taht we found the cheef of all trullz and we pwned him in hiz face!

we steeled these things frum chief ukorz sandscalp aftur he wuz ded:

Apr 26, 2012 - Archaedas

Herod - Before

those quilbores were silly beans so we r dun fiting with them. this tiem we goed to uldaman and fited all the troggs and teh earthens (zomg they r liek dwarfs but not!). in teh end we beeted up this statue guy archaedas

we steeled these things frum archaedas aftur he wuz ded:

Apr 26, 2012 - Amnennar the Coldbringer

Amnennar the Coldbringer

those scarlut gais are too ez now so we decided to go fite quilbores. they were ez 2. we fited them all like tehy were babies, espeshully amnennar.

we steeled these things frum amnennar aftur he wuz ded:

Apr 26, 2012 - Scarlet Commander Mograine


dis weak we pwnd herod and mograine so hard u woodnt even no

we steeled these things frum herod aftur he wuz ded:

we steeled these things frum whitemane aftur she wuz ded:

we steeled these things frum mograine aftur he wuz ded:

Apr 26, 2012 - Herod


we fited doan 1 moar tiem first then we fited herod and zomg we wun both tiems

we steeled these things frum doan aftur he wuz ded:

we steeled these things frum herod aftur he wuz ded:

Apr 26, 2012 - Arcanist Doan

Arcanist Doan

zomg doan iz ded? no wai! rttc pwned doan in hiz stuppid face!1

we steeled these things frum doan aftur he wuz ded:

Apr 26, 2012 - Aku'Mai


o god this gai had 3 facez that we had 2 pwn

it wuz hard but rttc stil winned

Apr 26, 2012 - Archmage Arugal


U C WAT WE DID HAR ARUGAL? i think u do.