Apr 26, 2012 - Halls of Lightning and Violet Hold

I am tired of talking like a retard so this and all subsequent posts will be in regular English. Last night we stepped foot into Heroic Halls of Lightning (it was the daily). After the boatloads of trouble we've had with Halls of Stone, namely the Tribunal of the Ages event, we were a little leery that we'd be able to pull this one off.

When we got to General Bjarngrim, we decided to give Lightning Struck a try just to see how hard it would be. It's not hard. We beat him without any problems at all, and got our achievement.

We weren't really sure if Shatter Resistant was a dps race or a kiting type achievement or what, so we kited Volkhan around the room for a while before realizing we just needed to burn him and ignore the golems. We mostly ignore adds anyway, so that was another achievement in the bag.

Ionar has no achievements and is not interesting.

The scariest boss in HoL is, of course, Loken. Timely Death is just a speed kill, but the fact that you hve to move around is usually what makes it tough to do. We decided to not move around. After the first Lightning Nova, Mogrhys told us we were fine and we manage to just eat the novas until he died. In this single run we got all three achievements because we are awesome.

The night was still young and we have a handful of dungeons left before we get Northrend Dungeon Hero so we headed into The Violet Hold for some more fun times. Unfortunately, we didn't get either achievement boss but we did manage to get Defenseless.