Apr 26, 2012 - Trial of the Champion

Patch 3.2 brought us a brand new dungeon, Trial of the Champion. We decided that we would read nothing about this dungeon before stepping foot in it. Without knowing any of the boss fights, this dungeon was both challenging and extremely fun. We wiped many times, but in the end we got everything done. Being that it was our first time in the dungeon, we didn't go for (or even look at) any of the achievements.

After this we did Violet Hold and Utgarde Pinnacle for more emblems so we can get our welfare epics. No achievement bosses in Violet Hold again. In Utgarde, however, we got both The Incredible Hulk and King's Bane, but we managed to fuck up Lodi Dodi We Loves the Skadi pretty badly when both Altruist and Ississ died and had to zerg back in so we didn't spend thirty minutes trying to kill Skadi with only a tank and healer.