Apr 26, 2012 - Blackwing Lair?

We planned on doing Blackwing Lair last night to get closer to finishing our vanilla progression, so we grabbed our Onyxia Scale Cloaks, flew to Thorium Point, and headed into the spire. On the way we found a random level 64 death knight that was begging for BWL runs (strange coincidence indeed) but since we hate everyone we declined his request for a run through. We are all idiots and didn't do the attunment quest when we did UBRS so we ran over to kill the quartermaster and got ready for another UBRS run. Letters in hand, we walked into the swirling blue light. Much to our chagrin, rather than the Blackhand Legion waiting for us axe in hand, we got a much more frightening enemy:

Additional instances cannot be 
launched, please try again later.

We tried for quite some time to get an instance but apparently Blizzard has set it up so that end game content gets priority over old content. After we spent an entire hour trying to get into BRS, we had one person try to get into heroic HoL (the daily). The server gave us an instance on the first fucking try. We are going to try for BWL again on Wednesday when hopefully fewer people are playing.

Sorely disappointed, we ventured through heroic HoL again and nothing even remotely interesting happened. Then we did heroic CoS because it was the regular daily (the only one we hadn't done for Timear Foresees) and we had not yet done it on heroic. We started out going for the timer, but between having only two dps and the most amazingly bad spawn locations, we weren't able to make the timer. On a good note, we only have three more heroics before we have Northrend Dungeon Hero.

After CoS we decided to do TotC again since it has ridiculously good loot and we got the rest of the bosses for the achievement there. We also picked up The Faceroller because it is both hilarious and easy.