Apr 26, 2012 - Ahn'kahet and The Oculus

Determined to finally beat all of the five man content in the game, we ventured firstly into Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom. This is one of my favorite dungeons in WotLK. Being, once again, our first time through the place we didn't try for too many achievements. We got The Party's Over by the mere fact that there are only ever four of us, and we decided we could do Volunteer Work if we used our tanking and healing cooldowns wisely. We ran out of cooldowns before Jedoga Shadowseeker died but it turns out her enrage is not very scary after all and Forsyte could easily eat all the damage. We definitely didn't have the dps for Volazj's Quick Demise and I'm fairly certain Respect Your Elders will require a second tank, but who knows.

After beating up nerubians, we travelled to our final and most daunting task, The Oculus. This dungeon is not particularly hard but the fact that we'd have one fewer drake for Eregos was a little scary. It turned out to be fairly easy even with a missing drake. We rolled with a Ruby, an Amber, and two Emerald Drakes and finally we were awarded with Northrend Dungeon Hero. All that remains now is to get the achievements or six friends to raid with us.